John 4:19-26

"Sir," the woman said, "you must be a prophet. So tell me, why is it that you Jews insist that Jerusalem is the only place of worship, while we Samaritans claim it is here at Mount Gerizim, where our ancestors worshiped?"

Jesus replied, "Believe me, dear woman, the time is coming when it will no longer matter whether you worship the Father on the tis mountain or in Jerusalem. You Samaritans know very little about the one you worship, while we Jews know all about him, for salvation comes through the Jews. But the time is coming-indeed it's here now- when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship Him that way. For God is Spirit, so those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth."

The woman said, "I know the Messiah is coming-the one who is called Christ. When he comes, he will explain everything to us."

Then Jesus told her, "I AM the Messiah!"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Names

Ok, if there was ever a reason to stop at one kid..... this is it:

What in the crap are we gonna name this child? This seems to be the question asked every five minutes in our house, right now! With our son, Cason, we spent almost 6 months looking for his name. Now, I know this is gonna sound cheeky, and perhaps just goofy, but we named him after the street where the first house we lived in was on. Cason Lane. We actually thought about naming him Cason Lane. But after some thought and trial and error of other names, we came up with what is his middle name,.... Makail. We probably went through every name book we could find, every internet sight we could look up, and everything else in between. Finally, someone suggested that we look on a map and find cool city names, or landmarks. Exhausted from looking, we did. And that's where we came up with Cason. 

So now, we're pregnant again (I say that like I have anything to do with carrying our little girl around for nine months!) and we're right back where we started three years ago.... searching for a name. And just like last time, we're tapped out. Nothing seems to fit. So, this time, I'm throwing it out to you guys and girls. Comment to me with your suggestions and maybe Tiffany and I will use one. If we do, we'll post it on our blogs and myspace and facebook and twitter... and you can be known as the person who named our little girl! Sound fun? 

So shoot us your names. Remember, it's got to be something unique, as we have exhausted the normal repertoire. 



1 comment:

Molly Mac Neil said...

You mean her name isn't really going to be Ruby Tuesday? Cason will be so disappointed. I've always liked the names Avy & Lyric. Anything beats what Darryl was going to name a boy if we ever had another one- Steel. Steel Mac Neil? What was he thinking? He said it would be a great hockey player's name, but I said, what if he turns out to be a ballet dancer-not so fitting!